18 Tips for wearing polka dots garments without overloading in the attempt

I can bet you that by exaggerating you have one or two garments with polka dot print throughout your wardrobe. We do not usually see beauty in this type of clothing, and that is because we are afraid to overload our outfit.

Don't be afraid of him anymore, you better learn to combine them since they have so much to contribute.

If you venture into a dress full of dots, try not to use accessories of any kind. Plain shoes and an unadorned jacket is ideal.

Take them to your work, in the right colors it will give you seriousness but you will never lose the fun essence.

Stockings are an excellent option. They are small and spaced points, but do not trust, wear plain clothes without any print.

It is a print that will not go out of style no matter what the season changes.

Do you see what I always tell you to accompany them with plain clothes?

If you are going to use giant moles, try to always use them at the bottom, so you will not lose the silhouette.

Never wear two polka dots at the same time. They need to be alone. So if you wear shoes, you can't wear a polka dot blouse or skirt, everything has to be of another style.

If your dress has large polka dots, make sure there are no flights or fringes on it as in this image. It is too much and will make you look wider.

It is a common print on bikinis so take advantage of it.

Small details are enough to decorate all your outfit.

It doesn't always have to be saturated, there are tiny polka dot garments that also look great.

There are many combinations, do not limit yourself only to black and white.

You can transform a garment into an accessory. For example, leave the neck out and ready.

In transparencies they become completely irresistible.

Remember, no accessories or then you will end up overloaded.

There are also polka dots in 3D.

Do not be afraid to print on jeans, just respect the rule of any prints on other garments.

Look for clothes with colored contrasts.

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