Signs that it's time to finish your best friend

Friendship is one of the best gifts in this world, and sometimes because of the need to want to find it, we force it and the only thing we cause is to hurt ourselves.

It also happens that although you have known someone for a long time (since children) it is inevitable that time will change people and even if you think you have known a person for a lifetime, you actually end up realizing that person that you once identified yourself, now is nothing but a stranger.

Ending someone always hurts, but sometimes it is the healthiest and the best decision we can make. That is why I want to give you some signs that could help you open your eyes and thus make the decision to end once and for all with your best friend.

When you talk, you never pay attention

Ah but yes! If she is talking, you need to give her all your attention, otherwise, she tantrums.

Many people do it and as much as you explain to them how you feel, these people are used to being the center of attention, therefore they love that everyone "praises" them. It usually happens a lot with people who are only children and who always agreed more when they were little. Unfortunately they never change.

Instead of giving you advice or support ... he scolds you!

There are "friends" who feel perfect and who see your misfortune as a perfect opportunity to make you see how "dumb" you are.

These "friends" do not understand that sometimes all we are looking for is a hug and that they say something funny that makes us feel better.

You feel that he lives comparing himself or competing with you

Let's give an example:

- You traveled to Cancun with your family and took amazing photos where you can see that they had a great time.

- Followed, your friend starts telling you things like: "Ash! I don't like Cancun," "They would have better gone to Los Cabos," "I'm going to go to Las Vegas with my parents next month." etc…

If you've lived that, your friend is super toxic and you need to get away from her.

If you have a problem, she makes you feel worse

It is typical that you go wrong at school or it went wrong at work and she instead of telling you that everything will be fine, starts to get you ideas that only stress you more.

Get away from them! Believe it or not, many people do it on purpose. Sad but true.

You get the feeling that when you're happy, she gets angry

Something strange happens, but there are many “friends” who cannot see you happy since they are jealous of how well you are doing in life and instead of celebrating with you, they feel offended and even depart from you for a few days .

When she is with you she is one and when she is with her other friends, she is another

If when he is with you he has a way of thinking, but when he is with other friends, he acts totally different ... stay away!

These people are fickle, have no personality of their own and will always go with whoever makes them feel more popular. They are excellent for lying and you don't have to endure your personality changes, it's that simple.

It does not return your things that it takes “borrowed” or wants you to always pay your departures

You have to talk to the truth, and that means dealing with this point that is very common.

If you usually never pay for your outings (to the movies, meals, bars, etc ...) and you never return that bracelet or chain that you lent, say bye.

Unfortunately, there are friends who even feel offended when you ask them for that accessory that you lent them 5 months ago, or when you tell them to give you half of what they spent on the food.

Instead of being her friend, you have become her slave

Many times without realizing it we fall into that dangerous area where we want to “look good” and we go out of our way for that friend, so she doesn't get angry and thus make her happy.

I know because it happened to me. I remember living stressed for always checking my cell phone and being able to answer it as quickly as possible when he sent me a message or always trying to say the right words to confirm that she was "perfect."

I reached a point where I felt totally tied to her needs and in fact I felt great relief when she went on vacation and knew nothing about her.

You have never heard her say the words ...

Excuse me, sorry, it wasn't my intention, it won't happen again, etc ...

He loves to live doing drama

Keep in mind that a friend who loves to live constantly in the drama, always tries to integrate you so that you support her and reaffirm that she is doing well.

If you don't do it, she does even more drama and throws it for you to lift. It is tired to live like this, and you don't have to endure it!

Just listen to what you want to hear

Simply put, if you tell her the truth about a subject and it is not what she expected to hear, she does not believe you and even gets mad at you (as if you were to blame).

If you feel identified with any of these situations, believe me ... it will make you better to end up with your "best friend".