12 Brilliant ideas for getting a Neon Dark outfit

Today we want to present a style to which we decided to call it “Neon Dark” that fuses clothes in dark tones with tennis in neon colors and in this way, achieve an incredible balance of mystery and eccentricism in your outfit of the day.

These looks are really easy to get and could be a good time to start adopting them in your daily style. Rest assured that they will attract looks, but in a positive way since the combination achieves an incredible sensation in sight.

The essence of this style and that should be preserved, is that it should be used mainly with sports sneakers and casual clothes to achieve the goal.

Let's get that idea out of our head that sneakers make us see “female fodongs” and zero. If we combine them as it should be, totally perfect outfits can be achieved.

This look manages to make sporty look elegant and casual.

This style is not yet adopted by many girls in Latin America so it is a good time for you, before anyone else, to start using it. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with it and that it helps you to reflect your personality.

If you don't want to wear absolutely all black, it's also worth it! The important thing is that the dark combination with neon continues to exist. Look at these examples:

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