Tips so that makeup is not a problem on graduation day

Makeup is always a concern when we have to go to an event that will last for hours, such as a wedding or a graduation. But as difficult as it may seem, it is not impossible to look perfect all night.

Just know and apply some tricks so that you do not have the need to touch it every time.

Use false eyelashes

Mascara will be a problem at your graduation because you will surely end up crying. So to avoid the fuss I recommend you opt for false eyelashes. You will not fall and remain beautiful and perfect no matter what.

Eyeliner before lipstick

Use an eyeliner of the same color as the lipstick you plan to use. Delineate and completely fill your lips with it. Then apply the lipstick, so it will last much longer.

Matte lipstick

Try using a matte lipstick, these last longer on the lips and their appearance does not change even with liquids.

Long Term Base

Invest in a good waterproof and long lasting base. Thus the sweat caused by walking dancing will not damage your makeup.

Makeup fixer

You can use a special makeup fixer and spray only a little hairspray on your face. They work the same way.

Mineral powders

Take them in your bag, so if your skin starts to look oily they will absorb everything without damaging the makeup.

Corrector in the eyelids

Before applying shadow, use concealer on the eyelids to create a base on which the shadows can adhere much better.

Moisten your shadows

Moisten the brush you are going to use to apply shadows on your eyes. Drain excess water and paint as you normally would. This will make them a little creamier, the color will intensify and it will last much longer.

Say no to the eyeliner

Do not delineate your black eyes inside. The color is not maintained and always ends up. Better wear a white one, enlarge your eyes and nothing happens if it fades a little.

Do not use cream blush

I know that cream blush lasts a little longer, but the heat and sweat will make it look fatal. Opt for a powder one, it is better to touch it up to allow it to ruin everything.

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