Breaking letter to the boy I loved

A follower of the site sends this letter to her ex. You could feel identified with her.


When I barely met you I practically threw myself into your arms. I begged you to listen to me, you had me to the limit, you were a bit chaotic and disinterested. You had everything that I could have needed at that time.

You were my Monday to Sunday, we rarely slept and sometimes we forgot to eat. I was obsessed with your smell.

I don't know how you did it, but you got into my system intravenously. You walked every part of my body and you were in every pore of my skin at all times, day after day.

Those first months we were inseparable, we preferred to go anywhere together, no matter if it was a party of a friend of yours or mine, we always made jokes and knew that together everything was more fun.

Basically I was intoxicated of you and was dying to know little details about you that nobody else knew. It was enough to see a picture of you or a message on whatsapp so that automatically a smile was drawn on my face.

I will not lie to you, one of the most beautiful days of my life was when you spontaneously left me saying: 'I love you'. Do you remember how we both started laughing like crazy because of our nerves? I will never forget how that day we spent holding hands and feeling that the world conspired in our favor. That's how the days went by, feeding only on kisses and laughing at the slightest thing ...

Then, one day without waiting, everything began to change ...

You came to my house with a rather 'serious' attitude to a bit rude, something that I had never seen in you and although I thought something bad had happened to you and you just needed to let off steam, I realized that something you brought against me. I didn't know what it was since I had never been unfaithful, much less hiding a secret from you.

Confused I burst into tears because of your silence and that look that froze my heart. That look without light and without love for me let me know that you no longer loved me.

After spending a while in silence and without telling me what the hell was going on, you preferred to leave and leave me with a thousand doubts about what I was wrong about. All I had done so far was to fall in love more with you every day.

Two weeks have passed and I must tell you something ...

I have spent the last 14 days trying to locate you and it has been impossible. I don't deserve this, I've humiliated myself by calling your friends crying, your house and your cell phone and everyone tells me that it's better to wait until you look for me again. The only thing that goes through my mind is: What the hell! I have not done anything wrong.

It cannot be that because of someone else's fault, all of ours ends. It cannot be that you are foolish enough to believe in others before me. This situation frustrates me and I despair!

Someday you will realize that you were the one who moved away from the person who could have loved you the most. I still love you, that's obvious, but you have shown me that you didn't really trust me as I once imagined.

Why does who always do things right end up being the culprit? I do not get it…

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