10 Outfits to take to school when you're in your days

Having to go to school in our days is sometimes not the most beautiful thing in the world since, in addition to the fact that it is common for us to feel a little more down, the issue of how to dress sometimes is also a bit complicated.

These days what we most want is to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time so that this makes us feel a little better. That is why here I want to leave you some options that you can be inspired so that you can dress and look beautiful no matter what you are in your period.

Baggy pants are a must for these days. Personally I do not like those who have the shot down, that's why I put this option. Look how comfortable and beautiful it looks. Your accessories greatly enhance this look.

A more alternative and carefree style. The converse and the hat are the personal brand of this outfit.

Totally urban and feminine style. Don't be afraid to combine skirts with sneakers.

A look we have all used. Look at this girl how she knew how to perfectly combine the details of her leggings with her big bag. He made a perfect combo in a super simple way!

The colors he combined are perfect and they go to any woman.

Uff beautiful! The idea of ​​the sweater combined with a collar shirt and skirt seemed like the best idea. The crossed bag and boots give it a ten.

If you are more than wearing slip-on sneakers, this look is yours.

Vinyl pants are the best. Simple, casual and beautiful.

If you are a fan of combat boots, check out this girl. Her hairstyle and glasses give her all the style she needs.

A preppy look for girls who never want to lose glamor.