10 looks with hoodies and blazers for cold days

When you thought that hoodies and blazers belonged to separate universes, they come together to show you that nothing is impossible when it comes to fashion. Do not let your effort be in vain and dare to gather them in your outfits. Whether you want to see yourself formal or casual with a chic touch.

Look what you could achieve in your own look.

Do not be afraid to repeat clothes, for example you can wear a blazer, a hoodie and also add another hat to your look. And like cherry on the cake some sunglasses.

That sweatshirt that you wear in your laziness days, will look super chic when you put on an elegant blazer.

It is ideal for those cold days when you have to go from blazer to work.

It will not detract from formality, instead you will look bold and bold.

Leave both garments open to give it a new air.

Your casual outfits will never be the same.

No matter the color or style of your blazer, a sweatshirt will always do well.

Check out how to get extra points in your look.

You can even wear this combination with long coats.

Your blazer and hoodie will adapt to any other garment that you add to the look.

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