Delicious sweet pizzas that will make you sin

Didn't you know there were sweet pizzas? Oh, my God! You don't know what you've been missing There is a huge variety and you can invent your own. Remove and add ingredients to pleasure, the joke is to get your papillae to fall apart with such tremendous delicacy.

It is impossible not to want to devour them, they are temptation in person, and believe me that you will not mind sinning.

If you want something sweet but that does not affect the diet so much, then this is for you. With peanut butter as a base and bananas and nuts as ingredients.

Or how about a huge pan-shaped pizza cookie. Check out what a craving thing.

If you like cream cheese, then this combination will make you sigh. Use it as a base and add apples, nuts and candies as ingredients.

Chocolate pizza, lunettes and french fries. Just as you read it, it sounds weird but it's the richest thing in the world of sweet pizzas.

Another huge cookie in the form of pizza, but with more ingredients than the previous one. Remember that you can add everything you want.

If yours is the healthy thing, then use slices of watermelon to create your pizza. You can put granola or more fruits on it.

Nutella pizza with vanilla ice cream. A delicacy that encourages you to never stop eating it.

If you are going to prepare your pizza dough, make it chocolate, so you add more flavor to the experience.

Add all the fruits you like to this pizza.

Chocolate candy with chocolate and strawberries. Even for breakfast, it seems like it.

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