16 School supplies that will remind you of your old days in elementary school

That time when we went to elementary school, has been left behind. And with her it is possible that some memories of your childhood too!

That's why we will show you some of your school supplies that you had day after day and that will remind you of those times when you were carrying a backpack on your back and that it was even bigger than you.

How do I remember having to carry all the textbooks (every day) and having to take care of them with your own life so that they don't break you. Oh and of course! Don't even think about scratching them or if you wouldn't have to pay for them.

These rules should have been considered deadly weapons.

My first nail varnish ... Do you remember?

Iugh! These notebooks how I hated them. They broke on the second day and its design was horrible. There were many colors and all were equally ugly.

For that not calluses on your fingers.

The blue part for all it served was to break the sheets of the notebooks.

Wow! When these feathers came out we all wanted one. They painted amazing and if you had many colors, you were a hit.

Having one of these already gave you a lot of status.

I hated them! And I don't know why, they were always lost.

I can smell them yet. My favorite was always the grape.

These pens also had an incredible smell.

If you are super retro like me, then it was also your turn that some companion of yours still had a super old compass of this style. Looking at it, it looked more like a can opener.

How to forget these pens! If you lost one of its tips, it became useless.

The nicest girls brought these magical markers.

I always loved rubber bras of this style.

But my favorites will always be these. Good times!

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