15 high heels that have pulled out a feminine side that I didn't think I had

I don't know what the reason is, but I've never been a pretty feminine girl. In fact I think that in my closet I only have high heels and I never wear them (I don't even know how to walk well with them).

However, seeing these shoes in different fashion sites, that "feminine" side I had hidden, did not hesitate to leave! And how to avoid it! If especially all these pairs are beautiful.

Tell me which ones you like best!

I don't know exactly how I would use them, in fact I think I would put them on a shelf in my house and I would never use them. Just seeing them would make me happy.

Some shoes that Ariel would definitely wear.

If you are not as bad as me to walk in high heels, surely at this moment you are even thinking about how you could combine them.

I had never seen similar ones! My favourites.