Tricks to get perfect on selfies wearing glasses

Are you one of those who take off his glasses every time you take a selfie? No more! They also deserve to appear in your photos, so if you do not know how to ensure that they do not clash and instead highlight your beauty, you will love these tricks.

The black and white filter I don't know why but it always makes them look better, so try.

The eyebrows are super important. So shape them because they are indispensable so that your glasses do not clash.

Do not leave your face paralyzed, loosen it up a bit and play with your expressions.

Cover one of your eyes a little with your hair.

Wear glasses that go well with the type of face you have.

Get a little bark.

Cover one of your eyes completely with your hair.

Choose not to wear makeup and show your natural beauty, the glasses will be like your frame.

Fringe and strands play in your favor.

Do not look directly at the camera.

Video: 11 Tricks for Those Who Wear Glasses FUNNY BONUS (November 2019).