Selfies you should take next to the Christmas tree

Ahh Christmas! The most beautiful and fattening time of the year, with its cookies, hot chocolate, thread, punch, and endless delicious food. Wherever you look there are ornaments, trees full of candy and the promise of receiving many gifts. The whole atmosphere is unique and wonderful and it would be a real tragedy not to take advantage of it to take beautiful selfies.

So run to the nearest Christmas tree and try these poses.

Go for a cookie and before fitting the fang take a picture next to the tree.

Your prettiest socks + your Christmas tree + a cup of coffee = Wonderful photo.

It is also worth in the tree of your city.

As if they were holding hands.

Your pet also wants to leave.

Make a toast for the year that goes.

While you go for him.

Don't forget drinks filled with whipped cream and chocolates.

With your best friend, sister, cousin or girlfriend.

While you take refuge from the cold in your pajamas.

While you leave it super cool.

Opening the gifts!

Lee in front of him, it will completely change the atmosphere.

If you want to see yourself more artistic.

With your beautiful Christmas outfit.

Just like you didn't notice.

While you choose it.

With your sweetie

May not Christmas take away the sexy.

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