10 perfect fake smiles for all your selfies

When we smile for a photo or a selfie we always fake the smile, it is not that something has given us much grace and we decide to capture the moment. But I do not know if they have realized that we always choose the same smile in the photos, and it is already time for us to change it and refresh our image on social networks.

So if you have no idea what smiles to choose next time, this article will give you a whole arsenal.

Decorate your smile, that is, put your hand close, wear glasses, paint your lips and tilt your head a little.

You can make the classic smile where you show each and every one of your teeth, but be careful because if you overdo it you will seem crazy.

Close your mouth, make a little tube and smile slightly.

Open your mouth a little and smile very subtly, it is the smile that most models use.

Smile and stick your tongue out, your hands also give you a plus if you do something like this.

If you have dimples in the cheeks this is the perfect smile to show them off.

This conquered me, it will undoubtedly be the next one I tried.

There are many ways to fake a smile and keep looking cute.

Only then will you avoid seeing yourself the same in all your photos.

Thoughtful but happy, a super subtle smile.

Tipping your head always helps, I don't know why, it worse.

Play with your hair is also key.

But always remember that even if your smile is false, it should never look like this.

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