Photos that you and your sister should copy to Kylie and Kendall Jenner

I can assure you that the photos you have with your sister are those that have been taken at family gatherings, that is, photos without jokes and in which they are sure and do not work out well. So it is time for both to make a session that is worthwhile and that shows the beautiful bond that unites them.

And who better to give them an idea than the Jenner sisters? Check them out and get to work!

As if they were playing at the table at lunchtime, like when they were girls.

Take out your funniest side.

Show the world how much they look alike in an elegant and different way.

Imagine the beautiful photos they can have in a completely new album.

When you go super fashion, this is a super good idea.

To untie! That life there is only one.

They will be the sensation of social networks.

Dress the same! Like when they were little.

Because she will always be your foothold.

Cheer up! This is a good time.

Video: I recreated Kylie Jenner's Instagram photos (February 2020).