Ideas to wear those metallic shoes that you don't know how to wear

Did you buy some metallic shoes and you have no idea how to wear them? Quiet, do not regret buying them, in fact it is the best decision you could have made. Now you can have a privileged outfit, because they are much easier to combine than you think.

It doesn't matter if they are gold, silver, copper, pink, holographic, tennis, heels or slip on. All tips apply to them, the point is that they are metallic.

That they are golden does not prevent them from combining with all kinds of colors. You don't have to wear a sober outfit, so add color without fear.

If you want them to stand out but you don't want to resort to the obvious (which would be the color black), then opt for earth tones if they are gold, pastel tones if they are pink and light if they are silver.

If what you bought were metallic sandals, do not stress because they can look fabulous with all kinds of jeans.

Do you see what I mean by adding color?

They are perfect for a super casual look. They will blend perfectly with whatever you wear.

And don't even think that in summer you won't be able to use them.

The point is not to be afraid of them and try them on with everything you can so that you yourself realize what they do and what they do not look good.

The copper or pink metallic colors are like the fashion cousins ​​of the nude color. They combine with everything but give you a much more glamorous touch.

You will be encouraged to wear more white clothes, because they look fantastic.

Take them to work.

Formal looks are renewed.