10 hipsters tattoos that you and your boyfriend should no longer do

Today I know that many will hate me for telling an awkward truth that although we know it is, nobody mentions ...

I mean the hipsters tattoos that many couples have made and that today, because they all already have them or want to do them, they have taken away that special symbolism that they were supposed to have.

I do this content thinking of all those girls who are not yet tattooed with their partner, but who have not discarded this idea in the near future. I recommend that if you are going to do it, you better look for something that is really yours and that has a deeper meaning that you mainly understand and not a “pirated” design of other couples.

Here I leave the ten most tattooed this year for you to take into account.

Coordinates (of the place where they met)

Symbols of a playlist (I don't know the reason, but many couples make them)

Heart beats -_-

Roman numeral of the day of his anniversary

Ying Yang.

Meaningless circles, squares and triangles

Infinity 8

Sun and moon

King - Queen

Sound waves.

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