Outfits I would use if I had a job

One of my purpose for the year was to find a job to get out of my extreme poverty, and while I was looking for a job I started to think that I don't have adequate clothes to go to an office and panicked. So I gave myself the task of looking for great outfits that make me look professional but that the style does not go by the pipe.

And this is what I found, so now that I am no longer something like that I will use.

Because we can still look sexy yet all covered.

I fell in love, I would never have bought a skirt in that color but now I want one.

Casual but still elegant and formal.

If you look outfit is mega simple, but they are those that cause a great impact.

Remember that blazer are indispensable if it is Godin.

I love his jacket! I don't know where I will get it but I will.

It is not necessary to torture ourselves with heels, there are super cute flats.

I already realized that I don't need too much to look good.

You don't always have to wear shirts.

It looks great with short!

For a Friday Hipster.

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