Faces you have to start putting on your photos

Tired of always going out the same in the photos? You don't know what face to wear? Do you try to change it and end up looking bad? No, it is not an infomercial and I am not going to sell you any miraculous products, I will only show you the gestures that should reign on your social networks this year.

It is time to change him, they don't come out the first time but everything is achieved if you keep trying.

This pose will allow you to show part of your neck, which almost never appears in your photos.

A super wide smile of eternal happiness. Let her be the protagonist.

Opening your mouth a little makes your lips look more bulky. Don't open it too much, try until you find the perfect spot for you.

This is a new way to look surprised without opening your mouth as if you were an emoticon.

An innocent face should always be in your gesture repertoire.

Your hair will be a great tool to give a new air to your selfies.

A different, mysterious and sexy duckface.

All the girls need a picture with a huge bubble gum bomb.

May humor never abandon your photos.

From above, do what she does with the straw, push your upper lip to make it look bigger.

Video: WWE 2K19: How To Put YOUR Face In the Game! Face Import Tutorial (November 2019).