Makeup tricks to hide your 100 bars

Do you have few or many bars and do not know how to get your makeup completely hidden? Do not worry, which is much simpler than you think, just have the necessary tools at hand and apply them in the right way, and today we will teach you how to achieve it.

Check this because it will become your makeup bible.

Wash before putting on makeup

An acne-prone face needs to be always clean, so you need to wash it day and night with an antibacterial soap. At the end you can use an anti acne tonic to reduce them.

Always moisturize your skin

Once your skin was clean it is necessary to moisturize it. Many girls think that having oily skin does not need hydration and that is a serious mistake. Your skin needs it and desperately, you just have to use a special cream for your face type.

Green concealer

If your bars want to cover then a green concealer can not be missing in your makeup case It is essential! This is what will make the base manage to hide your imperfections. If you only have one or the other, apply it with a brush directly on the granite. If your face is full of them, then you can do what the girl in the video.

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A video posted by Rati TS (MakeupAndBeauty.Com) (@ratitehrisingh) on Oct 6, 2016 at 1:51 am PDT

Translucent powder

Once you covered your bars with the green concealer, you need to apply a thin layer of translucent powders. This helps to matify and make the base adhere even better.

Makeup base

Your skin needs an oil-free base that does not cover the pores, so check very well which one you buy. Apply it to your entire face with the help of a brush, a beauty blender or a silisponge. You will see that these granites disappear as if by magic.

Seal your makeup

So that the makeup does not run it is necessary to use a spray sealer or another layer of translucent powders. So your bars will not lose their camouflage.