Tricks for bananas to make you the most beautiful in the room

Maybe you entered the article because it sounds like weird medium, right? But in reality it is not, because this fruit, besides being the most common of any side, contains many benefits for your health and beauty. Now we will only focus on beauty, so let's start listing the benefits of this wonderful gift of nature.

Bright white teeth

Rich and powerful girls can go to the dentist to whiten their teeth from time to time, but we as poor people (I'm playing) have to use other cheaper, simple and natural resources, in this case, our recommendation is to rub banana peel for a minute for a week.

Good for a diet

The banana, is a natural sweetener very low in calories, you can sweeten your cereal, your smoothies, even your Hot Cakes with them. In addition, it is a fruit that you can take and eat everywhere, it is small, you do not need to chop it and it does not drain, so at school, home or office you can eat it instead of a potato or chocolate.

Help you lose weight

Just as it helps you avoid fatty foods, the banana is rich in fructose, which stimulates the growth of probiotics in the colon and produces enzymes that will allow you to absorb nutrients, thus improving your digestive capacity and losing weight faster.

Remove pimples

In addition to being a natural sweetener that makes you avoid sugar, you can use other techniques to get rid of those horrible bars and pimples, you should only mix an egg yolk with half a banana, leave it for five minutes and remove to have a hydrated skin with Less imperfections

Moisturizes dry skin

This great fruit also helps dry and dull skin, as it is a great moisturizer. You should make a porridge with your banana, leave on clean and dry skin for 20 to 25 minutes and rinse with warm water. Immediately and as if by magic, you will feel softer and more flexible skin.

Beautiful feet

Maybe at this age of your life, your feet don't matter so much, but over time you will understand that even feet count in beauty. The banana has the ability to get rid of cracked heels and calluses, you just have to massage your feet from time to time. Or you can also place the peels on your feet for a few minutes, something like cucumber in the eyes.

Perfect hair

In addition to being rich in potassium, the banana is also natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins that will help soften your hair, protect its natural elasticity, avoid split ends and breakage. Just stir a ripe banana with avocado and coconut milk, apply on the hair and wait 15-20 minutes, every third day before bathing.

Restful sleep

We all know how good a night's sleep is for healthy skin and hair. Bananas have large amounts of tryptophan and serotonin, which help the brain produce the sleep hormone. Eating bananas a few hours before bedtime will help you achieve the essential beauty of sleep and then fresh and healthy skin and hair.