Exercises to burn fat, mark abdomen and reduce your size

Before you continue, I recommend that you put on the most comfortable clothes possible so that from today you start with these effective exercises designed to burn fat, mark the abdomen and reduce sizes. They are super effective and will make you have results in a short time.


Base Exercises

You must do these 2 exercises every day you train! These will be the ones that will greatly help you burn fat, so they are super important!

- Of each one of them you will have to do 3 repetitions x 3 minutes.
- Rest 1 minute.
- During those 3 minutes in which you are doing the exercise do as many movements as you can at maximum speed.

Exercises to toggle

In addition to the base exercises, you must choose another 2 of the ones below:

- Of each one you will have to do 3 x 15 repetitions of each movement.
- Between repetition and repetition, rest 30 seconds.
- When you do exercise change, rest 1 minute.

Remember that in addition to this you should be aware that you can not drink water with artificial sweeteners, food with saturated fats, sweet bread, 'chips' and other things that do not contribute to a good diet. Do them and in a month tell me how you feel and how you look!

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