20 Outfit goals you should try this week

Ideas that inspire us to feel renewed are never enough! That is why today I want to put on some 'Outfit Goals' that you could try if you have that “tickle” of wanting to experience new looks in your day to day.

They are 20 styles that depending on your personality and your usual style, could push you to pass those limits that many times you do not dare to explore for fear of the “what will say” others of you.

In my opinion there is no need for explanation for each of them. What I am looking for is that you let yourself be guided by your sight and so you can choose the one that causes you the most emotions.

Trying different looks does not mean that you are a woman without a defined personality, do not be afraid to see yourself different every day! Simply try to project with your image what happens within yourself.

As you can see, all these outfits are designed so that you can really use them day by day. On this occasion I do not present you outfits that you would actually only use for very formal or etiquette events. All these are casual but with a lot of style.

Video: 30 BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFITS yes it's that time of year i'm so sorry (January 2020).