Understand that this is not love ... Atte: An anonymous friend

Hello girls, most know that the inbox of our fanpage is always open for you, whether to ask for fashion advice, links to our content or personal and loving advice. And it is for this last point that I have decided to make this content. I have received many messages asking for love advice, which has made me realize that women do not have a clear idea of ​​what love is and should be, and that causes us to accept things that make us make mistakes that affect us terribly.

So today I want you to open your mind and heart and understand that this cannot be called love ...

"Who loves you will make you cry"

I've heard stupid phrases and this one. It is unfortunate that we grow up with the idea that those who love us will hurt us hopelessly. It is not so! If love is accompanied by suffering, then my dear ones, it is not love. So if you only suffer at his side, send him to hell! You are suffering because you want.

"He cares me because he loves me"

Jealousy is not part of love, it is a consequence of lack of security and self-esteem. If he keeps you quiet, it is not because he loves you madly, it is because he distrusts you, because he wants to control you so as not to feel so insecure.

"The fights are normal"

The differences are normal, one or another also fights, but they are in conflict all the time and for everything, no. And we return to the part of suffering, if these fights are causing it, if they went from being simply misunderstood to a total war, the answer is simple, is that really what you are looking for and deserve? Why do you hold on to what hurts you?

"What should I do to love me again?"

The first thing that comes to mind is is it serious? Many girls have sent me messages asking how they can do it so that her boyfriend who finished it, who told him that he no longer loves her and that he does not want to be with her, will love her again. Girls you have to start by increasing our self-esteem and our dignity, love cannot be forced, I know it is difficult and painful but it is necessary to accept it and move on.

"Men are unfaithful by nature"

Oh girls, girls girls! Is seriously? When we accept this as true, we are justifying and accepting such behaviors. It's like saying that women are silly and submissive by nature. If your boyfriend feels that the relationship no longer works and wants to meet more people, he is obliged to tell you, not to do it behind your back and hurt you.

“He finished me but he keeps looking for me”

Ok, anyone can make a mistake and maybe if the reason they ended up is a trifle, they can talk and see if they can take things back. But the most common thing is that it ended because you wanted to date more girls, because you cheated or because things were already unsustainable. And if even after a while he looks for you again, don't you know what to do? It's very simple, send it to the devil, learn to say no, you don't have to look good with others or make yourself good always. What does it matter if you think you changed or you're a damn?

"He tells me that if I don't do this, he will leave me"

That something can be a thousand things, but it is usually sex, stop seeing certain people, change the way you dress, give you your passwords and crap like that. The answer is very simple, nobody, absolutely nobody can force you to do things you don't want, and someone who loves you will never condition or threaten you. So if it threatens to leave you if you don't do such a thing, just like that, leave it without explanation because it doesn't deserve it.

"I want to quit but threatens to kill myself"

Believe it or not, this is more common than it seems. I know that many have a heart ache and feel responsible for what the other person can do. There are two here. The first is to let your parents know about the threats they are throwing at you, so they will take action on the matter and you can leave it happily. Or, leave it and you care little about their threats, you are not responsible for their actions.

"He forbids me things because I am his girlfriend"

Many messages have come to eslamoda of girls who believe that the boyfriend has the right to forbid things because then they both have a relationship. No, not even your husband has the right to forbid something. I do not know why we strive to have destructive relationships, the warning signs are clear, it is in us to look at them and change the course of our lives, move away from the scum of this society.

“I’m not going to find anyone like him”

This phrase is always written to me by girls not older than 15 years old, who are living their first love, which also lasted a month at most. Girls, don't get stuck, enjoy the experiences, learn from them, don't close your world because of a love disappointment. If it was not for you, not even speaking, you are missing millions of experiences!

“I know he loves me but he doesn't show it”

Then he doesn't love you, it's that simple. Who loves you proves it yes or yes, so just ask yourself. Do you deserve such a relationship?

“Everything will change when we get married”

Many women have a fantastic thought and this causes them not to have a real relationship. If he is a scumbag, if he treats you badly, if the relationship is broken and an infinite number of similar ones, a marriage or a child will not fix things, the only thing they will cause is that your life is further complicated and that the suffering increases . The only solution is to dump that relationship, heal, learn and start over.

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