15 casual but sophisticated outfits for the office

If what you are looking for is comfort without sacrificing the feminine and sophisticated look, then these looks for the office are everything you have always wanted, I assure you!

There is no need to overload your look. If you wear a minimalist look, then also make it your makeup and your hairstyle.

Being congruent with our personality and our outfit will really project who we are. Take off your fear of being who you really are.

Experiment with different colors, tones and accessories. Only then will you see what tones are best with your skin type and hair color.

Something that you should ask yourself before leaving your home every day is: will I wear high heels or low shoes? The decision takes it according to how tired your day may be. That of wearing heels all day besides being very tired, it is zero recommended for your feet.

Which ones do you prefer?

Video: 1 MONTH OF WORK OUTFIT IDEAS. Professional Work Office Wear Lookbook. Miss Louie (November 2019).