10 braids you should make when you don't feel pretty

My grandmother said that when a woman felt sad, the best thing to do was to braid her hair; in this way the pain would be trapped between the hair and could not reach the rest of the body. So if today you don't feel pretty or there is a pain in your heart, choose one of these random braids and get to work.

Being happy is an option. Take it!

Try to get some garters that are transparent so they don't look in the finished braid. Remember that you must be patient, take it as a challenge and try it until it finally comes out, after a while you will be a master.

A normal braid, French or Dutch will serve equally. The appearance will vary a bit but everyone will look divine.

And I believed that the thing was much more complicated. No doubt this braid makes you good because it makes you good.

If you don't feel like collecting all your hair in a braid, this option is simple and very colorful.

The style of the braid depends on your taste, the real secret is to undo it gently and carefully to get something like that.

Remember to have on hand what is necessary so that you do not suffer while braiding your hair. Try to relax and concentrate, you'll see that at the end you feel much better.

It is the most curvy braid you'll see. Its fluffiness has something that makes you sigh.

The heat can change our mood and pick up your hair so beautifully, you can avoid it.

Show that beautiful face that life gave you. Don't hide your natural beauty for a second.