Poses you should copy Kylie in your selfies

Undoubtedly Kylie has become the queen of selfies, knows how to take her best angles and always looks beautiful on them. So it is not a bad idea, if what we want is to give a more professional touch to our social networks, borrow some of their best poses.

And these are suitable for both newbies and girls with more experience in this selfies.

The good and always reliable leg trick. Subtly recharge your weight on one leg so that your hip looks more pronounced and your waist more stylized.

The curves of your hip and back will benefit in this pose. You also look more relaxed than standing.

Why not sit for the selfie?

Exact! Raising one leg will give you more pompi than what you already have. Pulling your blouse helps you hide those rolls that you don't want to appear in the selfie.

Try this pose and you will see how your body looks wonderful.

In case you don't know what to do with your spare arm, this is a very good idea. Just don't press, try to get as relaxed as possible.

Move the camera far enough so that your face does not distort and tilt your head to obtain a different angle from your face.

Lean a little towards the mirror, that will give your neckline better focus.

Or, lean on the table so that your ass comes out in the casting photo.

Chairs are great instruments in selfies, you can achieve a thousand poses in them.

Video: I Copied KYLIE JENNER'S Instagram Photos for a Week! Krazyrayray (January 2020).