Guide to find a 'good' guy in a dating app

Seeing that you have caught the attention of more than one guy in a dating app always flatter and make you feel attractive! But before that mood becomes an impulse to talk to everyone, you must stop! What you least want is to make the mistake of relating to a guy who isn't really worth it and that could even end up causing you nightmares.

That is why today our AdoptaUnChico friends want to give you a guide that will help you filter all those men who could actually fall into the category of: kickers, bored, stalkers and that would only waste your valuable time.

First filter: Before talking to him!

Well they say that "The first impression is what counts", so before giving 'accept' and add it, you must take into account whether or not you do these things.

Is your profile picture with or without a shirt?The guys who all the time have a selfie without a shirt as a profile picture, in reality they just want to flirt effortlessly waiting for some other girl to fall to see their "charms." These guys commonly have an ego with which not even they can, they feel that nobody deserves them!

Pixelated photo… Next!If you do not care to show how it is physically, do you think it will bother trying to meet you? ... Not at all! In the same way this applies if you have as a profile picture an image of a cartoon character, favorite band, your nephews, etc.

Read your description very wellIt is very important that before adding it, you read very well how it is described. If you think that it is not going very well with you for your way of expressing yourself, for your hobbies or for the type of music you listen to, nor for what to make the attempt!

Second filter: During the first talk!

The first filter passed and everything is going perfect! But it is time to cross your first words. Attention with this!

Do you have good or bad spelling?The moment he starts 'ezckribir azi', bye! I think there is not much to explain.

Pay close attention to the words you useSome do not know how to interact with a girl they just met and begin to treat you as if you were their friend from 10 years ago, using words that make you feel uncomfortable, eliminate it!

How so thrown is?Obviously if he sent you a request, or a spell in the case of Adopt a boy It's because you attract him and he will do his best to seduce you ... That's not bad! The problem is if it goes beyond that thin line between the "flirtatious" and the vulgar.

Third filter: The first week!

The second filter passed and they already have a little more confidence, but wait! Before venturing to meet him, you should give yourself a minimum of one week to continue investigating what kind of man he is (so that he doesn't leave you with unpleasant surprises). Pay close attention to the following:

Do you flirt with others regardless of what you may think or feel?
If they have already been added in their different networks, follow the steps of what they do, to see if what they do with you, repeat it with other girls. You don't deserve to be considered as "one more option".

What kind of friends do you have?The friends and the comments they make talk a lot about the type of guy you are dealing with. Remember that many times when they try to meet you, they pretend to be pretty and harmless sheep but after that costume many hide a fierce wolf. Almost always his friends give him away, so if you feel that his circle is not going with you, stay away!

Will you send me your pack?There are a lot of men out there who don't even know if you attract them or not and are already asking you for intimate photos. As handsome as you are and as much as you like it better avoid doing it. Avoid the stress of feeling sorry later. That doesn't speak well of a worthy man.

Fourth filter: The day you meet him in person!

It's been a week or two and you did your homework stalking it without finding anything against it, so you decide to meet him in person, this is his final test!

Is his talk, charisma and personality the same as when you talk to him online?There are many men who take out their 'alter ego' online and when you meet them in person ... what a surprise! They end up being completely others. You don't need fickle men in your life!

Its appearance and appearanceBeyond his style, if he did not worry about looking good and minimal smell rich on his first date, imagine what awaits you later!

How intense is it?If from the first date you start asking for explanations, treating yourself as your girlfriend or tantrums for something you said, say goodbye!

Tips for your own safety

- Ask a friend to accompany you and always be close to you (it is not necessary for him to know).
- Always stay in public places where there is security such as: a shopping center, restaurant, etc.
- Do not leave without data, balance or battery on your cell phone. Nor lend it to him, believe us, there can be very intense boys.
- Do not agree to get in your car. Better ask for a safe taxi, Uber or have a family member / friend pass by you.
- If you feel uncomfortable with your talk or questions, leave immediately!

Now that you know how to know if it is a scumbag or someone who can really be worth it, we invite you to register in in less than a minute, the first app where women send!