13 Things you need to be a successful Youtuber

While there is not a magic wand that guarantees you fame, money and millions of followers on YouTube, there are some things that are basic to begin to form a good channel that you feel proud of and that eventually can take you to the success.

I give you these tips so you can prepare yourself and you can organize your best from the beginning. Leave your channel in the comments for other girls to visit you!

Know how to edit

If you do not even have basic knowledge of editing, you will limit yourself greatly. Invest your time in watching some tutorials and practicing as much time as possible.

A decent camera and microphone

Good image and sound quality will always motivate your followers to watch your next video. Adjust to your possibilities and get the best you can, you will see that it is the best investment you have made.


Be yourself without being defensive, without offending your followers, have a good attitude and above all ... have them identify with you.

A well defined personality

Do not try to copy other Youtubers who are already famous, do not use their phrases or greetings. If you do it you will only look fake, and it will be counterproductive.

Express yourself as you do with your friends

A great trick is literally talking like you do with your friends. Make your channel a space where you can express yourself without fear and without stereotypes. That will make people gradually connect better with you.

An original name, sticky and easy to remember

And of course, to represent you.

Open accounts on different networks to promote your videos

At least one on Instagram and Facebook with the same name as your YouTube channel. It will look more 'professional' and will be easier to control.

Be honest in giving your point of view on any subject you are dealing with

Your freedom of expression is what will make your channel unique. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself without fear of what they will say.

Avoid putting misleading previews

Remember that what starts badly ends badly.

Invest what you can in a good set ... so be your bedroom

Let your decoration around project the personality of your channel!

Upload at least 1 video per week (always on the same day)

If you can upload 2, even better.

So much patience

For a channel to begin to have an audience, it is necessary that time passes and you do not despair. Take at least 1 year to see your channel grow and so that it also becomes your job.

Do not do things that only harm your image of Youtuber like:

Pass criticizing other youtubers, make absurd challenges and make you look ridiculous, etc.

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