Fashion ideas to combine shirts with integrated choker

T-shirts with integrated chokers have become super trendy because of how sexy they look and how versatile they are when combined with different garments. Next, I want to show you some super simple ideas if you do not know very well how to use them in your outfits of your day to day, I assure you that you will love them!

If you are a girl who is more inclined to rocker style, this combination of miniskirt with fishnet stockings and coat is perfect. The fact that it is a dark set gives it an irresistibly elegant touch.

Most of us have denim skirts for those sunny days, and if not, what do you expect ?! Look how good this simple look looks.

If you want something more "formal" for those days when your boyfriend invites you to eat with his family, you can choose a style like this girl's. It won't make you look bored and yes with a lot of bearing and style.

If you are looking for a perfect look to go to the club or to a bar with your friends, please choose this one! It is perfect for the occasion.

Most choker blouses are low cut, which gives you the opportunity to add necklaces that give even more style to your look. See how they look and decide if you use them or not.

I loved with madness how they combine their glasses, their backpack and that hairstyle with their outfit. Here you can see how small details can lift an impressive look.

The long boots with opening at the tips are perfect with the t-shirts. Perfect for college.

If you feel very "uncovered" with these types of dresses, shorts are an excellent choice for these shirts.

Vintage waist pants will give you a very new style combined with the current.

The same goes for shorts. Isn't this long sleeve blouse a charm either?

And look how good that same look looks with bomber jackets or cardigans!

I hope you liked these ideas!

Video: HSN. Lunch Rush with Michelle Yarn - 12 PM (December 2019).