Beautiful designs to capture your pet's leg on your skin

When we decide to get a tattoo, in most cases it is due to a deep meaning, we want to make sense of something or immortalize someone. If you have a beautiful friendship with your pet (regardless of whether it is cat, dog or any other species), tattooing one of its legs is a sign of love. So if you are looking for a design, these could make things easier for you.

You can get a 3D tattoo, as if your little garden was marked in the sand.

You can also buy ink and print your print on a sheet of paper, and tattoo it as it came out.

A simple design but full of love.

You can add how many things you can think of.

They can be more than one as if you were walking or to symbolize all your pets.

Fill them with flowers or geometric figures.

Give them a watercolor finish to add color.

You can have a cartoon style.

You can put it anywhere. The one you like the most and gives more meaning.

You can even represent your pet with their little eggs.

If you use only white ink, you will get such a result.

You can create a completely original design.

It depends on you and your creativity.

It can be tiny or huge.

Your cat will love it.