10 Tips to look sexier than normal on your Instagram

Believe it or not, if you propose, you can look like a celebrity on Instagram. It's all about throwing intelligence and knowing some tricks. The instagramers are simple mortals with lots of photos with tricks so smart that many of us don't even notice. Good photographers know many of these tricks, such as angles, lighting, postures, and so on. Analyzing the famous instagramers, I decided to collect the most basic tricks to leave you a mini guide with the 10 most popular tips.

One straight leg and another with a bent knee

This position is indispensable for those full body photos. You just have to get in profile with one leg stretched and one slightly more bent at the knee. This position will round your butt and tone your leg muscles.

Never use the flash

The flash on cell phones is zero similar to that of professional cameras and using it for portraits is always a mistake. When you use the flash of your camera you will leave with a bright, very white face, with shadows that are not very favorable, and so on. If you are in a dark place, always opt for a lamp.

Do not use the app camera

Anyone would say that opening the Instagram camera is the same as opening the normal camera on your cell phone, but no! The camera of the application has less resolution, that is to say that your photos will be more blurred and pixelated.

Take freshly made / fixed photos

If you took hours to comb, dress and make up for a special occasion, take a photo as soon as possible. You can take it before leaving your home or immediately after you arrive at the event. Because your makeup, hairstyle or even clothes can be ruined over the hours.

Tilt your body like an 'S'

If they are going to take a picture of you in front, bend your hip a little to make an S with your body. This posture will enhance your curves (even if they are nonexistent), in addition you will notice more where your hip ends and your waist begins.

Camera angle down and look up

If someone else takes a picture of you, you can suggest that he take it from an angle contrapicado, that is from below. When you bend your eyes it is zero sexy, because you get more jowls. Looking up, your nose hurts, defines your jaw more and your face thins.

Search for natural light

If you ask a photographer, he will surely tell you that there is nothing better for any photo than natural light (obviously if you do not have professional lamps). Natural light will brighten your eyes, soften your complexion, make your hair shine and match your skin tone.

Use an app for photos

Refine your photos with an application that makes you look a little better Is it cheating? Of course yes! But, when everyone uses apps like YouCam Perfect, Perfect365 or Facetune, who cares? In addition, these types of photo editors do not change your face, they only correct details.

Take photos of the whole body

Everyone is used to selfies, better bet on full-body photos. These are more flexible at the time of postures, angles and even the bottom of your photos. If you go to a place with someone, ask them to take a picture of you, if you are alone at home, leave the timer or ask someone to take it.

The classic "like I don't realize"

Poses 'like I don't realize' are always a good option. Because you can take the opportunity to give movement to the photo, go out in “natural” positions or even avoid your face if you don't have a granite or horrible dark circles.

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