Outfits to add a poncho without looking like a walking blanket

The cold ones are no longer treading; or rather, freezing the heels. And the obvious garments for this season already begin to appear in our head. We are already thinking of sending to the dry cleaners the jacket of all the years, and deep within us, we have that desire to release, to see us different to vary, but we do not know what to use in addition to the typical jackets.

Well, today I bring you the answer to your prayers Ponchos! If those beautiful, huge and super warm clothes that we have no idea how to use so that it does not look like we go out with the blanket on top. Just for that is this article. Today you can give yourself a clear idea of ​​how and with what to use them to see you spectacular.

Although they all look the same at first glance, there are many models, designs, and styles. If the poncho you chose is very similar to a blanket, look for a neck for example.

Accessorize and combine it properly. One option is to make it blend with the other clothes you will wear. And another, is that you do the main garment to contrast.

The advantage of the ponchos is that they cover your body perfectly, your arms and hands are free and the best thing is that they combine with all styles and for having.

If the classic style of ponchos is not too late, there are a variety of them with sleeves. More modern

That the lower cut is asymmetrical gives a fun and different touch.

The boots are definitely the cherry of the ponchos.

Choose unique ponchos with something that distinguishes them. That will make them spectacular clothes.

Neutral colors help it look like an ordinary blouse.

Scarves are not prohibited, they complement and accessorize.

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