Places where you can break your jeans to look sexier

Styling your clothes is super important so that through them you reflect your personality and attitude at school, work or even at a party. That's why I want to give you some examples of how you could cut your jeans so that they look more fashionistas and chic. You will surely love it!

Some ideas are sexier than others, it will be your decision what to do.

To start with everything, here is a very subtle but extremely hot option.

If you want something more colorful without feeling naked, you can apply this idea with a pair of fishnets.

If yours is something more classic, you can make a very thin tear in each knee.

I recommend that you practice jeans first that you hardly occupy. That way you won't regret it at the last minute.

Something very important is that before you analyze how long and tall you want the opening, measure with a ruler and go from little to more.

To cut the denim, I recommend using a cutter with a good edge. Of course, very carefully!

Don't be self-conscious, you don't have to feel sorry for your body.

Even if you do not use them daily, you can leave them to go to parties with your friends or places where they will not throw you uncomfortable looks.

The pants at the waist are my favorites to make this type of decoration, let yourself be carried away by your ideas!

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