Tips so that your legs do not look dry and lifeless this season

The heat has come not only to seize our closet but our beauty routine. More skin is exposed and in addition to protecting it from the sun, it is necessary to perform some rituals so that our skin looks hydrated, beautiful and bright. Surely you will not want to go out in a skirt, dress or short and that your legs look gray, dry and lifeless; So pay attention to the following tips because they will save your life this season.

Exfoliate twice a week

To have a nice, healthy and visibly attractive legs, we need to get rid of dead cells, how? Exfoliating them twice a week. You can buy a scrub or make one with honey and sugar.

Use creams or wax to shave

I know that the rake is more practical and fast but let's face it, the hair removal lasts no more than a day if on case. So if you want your legs to look beautiful for longer, you need to invest a little more and buy a depilatory cream or go to a salon to apply wax.

Tan them a little

Put a little tan on your legs, put on some shorts and go for a walk in the sun so that they take a little color. You can also use creams with color or go to a tanning chamber.

Add some oil to your body cream

Add a few drops of oil to your body cream every time you use it. It can be almond oil, coconut, with vitamin E or any that you find in the supermarket or pharmacy. It will give your legs a natural shine and deeply moisturize them.

Lotion or spray with shine

There are creams with glitters included. You can wear a little every time you wear skirts, shorts or dresses and let the sun shine on you.


The sunscreen to keep your skin safe from UV rays, as it is a little greasy will give them a super nice shine.


If your legs are very pale or have some imperfections that you want to cover, I recommend you buy some leg makeup, it is easy to apply and leaves them super cute.

Keep them hydrated all day

Remember to hydrate them more than usual, heat and sun damage the skin and eliminate the natural moisture in them. If you keep them exfoliated and hydrated, you will have the winning legs of the summer.

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