Outfits with which you can let your socks stand out from your sneakers

When we wear tennis we always try to wear small socks that are completely hidden in the footwear. We believe that if they stand out they will ruin our look. And this cannot be further from reality. There are outfits that lend themselves to let the socks lead a little.

Check how you can use them as an accessory in your outfits. It is simple, easy and you will feel comfortable and free to let them sunbathe.

With dresses they look beautiful, even when it's hot.

Combine them with your shirts and not just with your pants.

See them as accessories. They will give you a lot of style.

There are also fishnet style socks.

Music festivals are ideal for such a look.

Or just to go for coffee with friends or crush.

You can also make them look formal.

Perfect to achieve a good girl look.

Or as a not so good girl.

Wear them over some stockings and enjoy them. Do not hide them every day.

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