Beautiful photos that you can take to the mess of your room

If you feel that your room is super messy, before you put everything in its place, take advantage of the disaster to make some beautiful photos. Obviously you will have to fix a little what you want to photograph, but the point is that things look messy beautiful.

Check out the scenarios that you can achieve with the makeup you have out there made a mess, magazines, books, cups, flowers, glitter, candles and whatever you find out there. Gather it and take some beautiful photos. Your social networks will thank you.

The disorder can be very beautiful if you know how to order it.

If the desk where you work or do your homework is a lump, scatter things a bit, give it symmetry and take a picture.

Even all the goodies you carry in your bag can give you a beautiful picture.

Go and cut two branches with flowers from the garden.

You, candles, makeup, camera, magazines, photos, flowers and even your coffee, can look perfect together.

Choose things in the same tones.

Remember to use a clear and single color surface.

Before ordering, mess up subtly and take several photos.

You can use M & M's instead of coffee beans.

You have to see the beauty even in the least beautiful place.

Use glitter ...

The next time your mom tells you that you have a mess, tell her it's for taking pictures.

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