Dresses with which you would also fall in love with a Prince

We know that the last prince of England got married, which is a disgrace to those of us who grew up believing in the fairy tales that Disney told us. However, there are still single princes to conquer and these dresses will help you to do so. Obviously the odds are few but that will not take away how spectacular you will look.

A bright colored dress is good to be noticed, now imagine it with a sweetheart neckline. So you would fall in love with anyone who will turn to see you, which in this case would be everyone.

Red is also a very attractive color. In addition there are many designs, there will be some that make you feel like a girl with class and somehow royalty ...

... although an ultra sexy red dress will also make you look charming, like the princess you deserve to be.

A midi dress makes anyone who wears it look sophisticated. Imagine walking in a sky blue midi dress through European streets And boom! A prince falls in love with you. That easy. As simple as that.

But! A midi dress in black will make you look twice as sophisticated. Even everyone will think that you are already a princess.

A short white dress not only makes you look sophisticated, but it gives you that air of nobility; something you will need to conquer someone noble.

Transparent embroidered dresses can be worn at festivals like Coachella or Tomorrowland But! if under it you wear a white or black (depending) you will look very attractive and stylish.

The same goes for lace. A dress with lace is something transparent, but we do not seek vulgarity to attract a prince. So wear a light dress underneath and you'll look amazing.

Any simple dress will make you look like a princess, if you know how to look stylish. Use a good hairstyle, accessories, shoes and super attitude. Remember that a dress does not do all the work ...

... although a nude litmus dress may do the job alone. You will feel royalty even if you have no prince. Who needs it? Well being honest I do! Please!

Video: Pretend Play With Prince and Princess Dresses EQUESTRIA GIRLS 38 CFKYoYo (November 2019).