Outfits so that on gray days you receive a kiss in the rain

Gray days can ruin our hairstyle, makeup or even outfit. I know it sounds somewhat superficial but if you have an important event you look bad coming like this. But not everything is gray. You have to get the positive side and after a bad day, a good kiss is always received and what better than one in the rain? I recommend using the following outfits to achieve it.

A denim fisherman to wear your sexy ankles, but that is at the waist that highlights a little the top you wear. The sweater or raincoat you want is optional.

A skinny overalls looks more attractive than others, so you can wear any shirt and you will still look great.

A short on rainy days seems like a bad idea, but if your city is still hot even if it rains, they are perfect! In addition, a denim jacket will make it doubly perfect.

Any summer outfit, like leatherette leggings with white t-shirt, looks good with a classic raincoat. It gives your outfit a rainy season, not to mention that it protects you from the water.

A fisherman jumper. Short jumpers get along with sunny days and long ones drag enough to get wet in puddles. The most advisable is a fisherman.

An outfit with a sweatshirt is perfect for a gray day, but if your goal is to conquer that day, try adding a mini skirt to contrast and look more attractive.

In many cities the heat persists despite the rains, if it is your case, wear a dress like any day and wear an emergency jacket.

An outfit with a midi skirt is a great option, because a gray day is the perfect excuse to wear it. Not only because its measure is approved of puddles and cold, but it will make you good no matter the weather.

A pair of short skinny jeans and a bodysuit will give you a very attractive and gray day-proof outfit. Because it protects you from the rain and also has that tailored touch that attracts.

An outfit for the summer sun can become one for the summer rain With simple socks! And even better if you add a leather jacket ...

... that goes from skirts or shorts, to a beautiful vintage dress.

Fishing jeans top our list, but there are other types of fishermen who are equal or more perfect. Like ones of pink linen stick that with a jacket will break hearts.

Video: Lauv - Paris in the Rain Official Video (February 2020).