Coquettish outfits to leave the friendzone

It is desperate to be friendzoneada. On the one hand you appreciate the friendship of the guy who beats you, because you can spend time with him. On the other hand, he doesn't see you in a romantic way! Being friends means having a lot of confidence, so much that sometimes he forgets that you are a girl. To be deported from the friendzone, I recommend you fall in love physically, because you have already earned it intimately.

A black and white outfit

We don't all know how to create a sexy outfit. But the black and white combination always match. It is up to you to choose the clothes.

A black crop top with a palazzo

The crop top is for the boy to see you in a lustful way and the palazzo to see how sophisticated you are, and thus consider yourself a woman.

A red skirt

My tip is that you can combine it with blouses, t-shirts and white or black shirts. But the red touch on your legs will make you a heartbreaker.

An attractive vintage outfit

If your style is boho, take advantage of it! Boys like original girls, but this style sometimes gives the wrong message. Try to be more striking.

A short dress with suspenders

Maybe your friend needs a bucket of cold water that says "Hey, look what you're missing." This dress will be the ice in the water.

A colorful outfit

Those who wear very colorful give that impression of being friendly; that is, you can approach without fear. However, if it is sexy you will leave it speechless.

A discreet but tight outfit

This outfit is a double-edged sword. First, because you don't show anything. Second, because you leave many things to the imagination.

Or an outfit teaching skin

What else does it matter? This type of clothing will remind you that you are a girl and start looking at you with other eyes.

An outfit with garments of the tone of your skin

There are very beautiful clothes that being like the tone of our skin, it seems that we are going with nothing, but in reality it is a slap of white glove.

Short with a baggy blouse

Why? Because your legs look great and you don't seem to be trying to get their attention. He won't know which car ran over him.

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