Simple makeup in case you didn't hear the alarm

Sleeping well is a blessing, but at the same time a powerful curse. Especially if you are one of those who do things half asleep in the morning. How to remove the alarm without noticing or thinking that you already stopped but you are still asleep. If you are late, it is best to put on makeup while you have breakfast, change and brush your teeth. You can even put on your way to work (if you don't drive). That's why I leave you ten simple makeups that you can use in those crazy mornings.

A makeup that is based on lip gloss, light shade with shine and a little blush-tan. The lipstick and the shadow are to give life to your wedding and eyes. The blush to define your face.

Make up your eyebrow with a little shade of natural color. Natural shadows are those of nude color that are one or two shades above your skin. Using them will intensify your look and the eyebrow will frame your face.

A base coat, powder, shadow, eyebrow, mascara and lipstick. If you are one of those who wear many layers of makeup, I recommend you try with a raisin and now. It is something like colear instead of mopping.

A black eyeliner, eyebrows and lipstick. This pin up style is very effective. Your makeup is based on three cosmetics and you will look beautiful anyway.

Make up only your eyes. The look of a girl can grab all the attention. Try just doing the beauty routine of your eyelids and eyebrows. The rest you can do during your free time.

False eyelashes and your eyebrows. If you really have no chance, of shadows, outlined, blush or anything, try some false eyelashes. This way you will look as if you had not put on makeup.

Very simple makeup with your favorite lipstick. Imagine that you only have a chance to profile your eyebrows a little and place mascara, you can complement with your most flattering lipstick; even just for this occasion.

A little highlight in your key points will save you from using base, contouring, blushing, etc. Specific points are cheekbones, nose tip, cupid arch, lacrimal, above and below the arch of the eyebrows.

An outlined piquito. So you don't take hours in a perfect outline. Just make up the final peak. With a little mascara, nobody will notice the difference.

A fantastic hairstyle. This is not a type of makeup, rather it is a tip. If you are better combing than makeup, you can match the lack of makeup with a good hairstyle and accessories.