North West is the next queen of contouring

Well they say that the apple does not fall very far from the tree, and North West is proof that this saying is nothing but the puritite truth.

NORTH is coming for the beauty guru throne 👑 pic.twitter.com/1W9O7K2fvs

- KimKanyeKimYe (@KimKanyeKimYeFC) September 13, 2018

It was his proud mom who shared two videos on his Instagram account in which we can see how little North uses Kim's makeup to make her own version of the contour she sees Kim do daily.

Although it is still very small and lacks years of experience, I can bet that nothing is missing to do it as a professional.

Video: FULL VIDEO Kim Kardashian. Contouring Tutorial By Hrush Achemyan. Contour With Hrush (December 2019).