Kylie Jenner is planning to have another baby

Kylie Jenner woke up in a very good mood today, and decided that she would answer questions from her fans on her Snapchat account. And obviously one of the most recurring questions was: 'Will you have another baby?'

And the answer that Kylie gave left all her followers ice cream and excited, because her textual words were: “Yes, I want it to be another girl, I still don't know when, because at this moment I don't feel prepared, but I do want another girl if It can".

So, dear eslamoditas, I don't think we have to wait too long for Stormi to become an older sister, because Kylie wants to recreate the same family environment in which she grew up, and obviously she won't let it take too many years.

Video: Kylie Jenner Planning to Have ANOTHER Baby Soon?! (December 2019).