Nail colors it's about time you dare to use

I bet you that every time you paint your nails at home or every time you're going to have a professional manicure, you start with the intention of painting them in a striking, different and original color. But in the end, you end up choosing the same shades as always, and in the end you end up with nice nails but no personality.

Well, if you're tired of the usual colors, these tones are what you have to consider the next time you decorate them. There is everything, so you will surely find the tone that falls in love with your heart.

The 'Ganache' tones are the coolest thing in the universe. They are sober, elegant, flirtatious and go with any skin tone.

Coffee and black? Obviously yes!

If you think that the litmus tones went by the 90's, then you have been missing a lot.

Mirror enamels are the most chic of chic. But don't ask for the typical pink shade, bet on blue or purple tones.

The orange shade is one of the least used unless it's Halloween, don't be like that and take advantage of it during the fall / winter season.

One day I heard a girl saying she didn't paint her yellow nails because it was going to look like she had some kind of fungus. Seriously? There are beautiful yellow tones and more if they are matt.

You want your hands to have more light, so a dark green is for you. And if you want to decorate them with jewels, perfect !, in this color they will stand out more.

Beautiful natural nails with only shine.

A purple that will leave you in love for months.

Sky blue for the cute girl that lives inside you.

A different red and much more daring.

And of course do not forget the neon colors.

A beautiful neon peach so you don't fall into the temptation of pink.

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