Ariana Grande's lamps reflect her deep depression

This year that is about to end, he was not the best of Ariana Grande. Too many tragedies flooded his life, and this has brought him emotional consequences. That, although she struggles to hide, in the end, her publications on social networks give her away.

First it was his strange Christmas tree, which hung from the ceiling (if you have not seen it, click HERE), and now they are the incredible (although somewhat depressive), clouds-shaped lamps. And although I would love to have them in my room, that Ariana has them at home, it does not reflect anything other than her fragile state of mind.

Hopefully this new year, Ariana can leave behind everything bad and that the light re-enters her life.

#ArianaGrande and her depressive mood has no limits. Their lamps are storm clouds, they look pretty, but in their emotional state I don't think they are a good idea. pic.twitter.com/FEc7Dak5wc

- Celebs Stories (@Psico_Estefany) December 24, 2018