Miley Cyrus got the tattoo that you wouldn't do even in your worst drunkenness

Miley Cyrus ended the year in a rather tragic way by losing the home she shared with her now husband, Liam Hemsworth, in the fire that shook California a few months ago.

However, this fact did not let her tear her down and instead of throwing herself into the drama, she and Liam decided to start the year in the best way possible, celebrating their love with the wedding we all expected to see.

And continuing with the new purposes, the singer decided to add more tattoos to her already huge collection. We do not know how many was done exactly because only one has been revealed. And we sincerely hope that others are not like the one who already saw the light.

And, the tattoo that was made, I would not do it even in my worst drunkenness. Why have you decided to print that on your skin? Me but not even if they pay me ...