Hailey Baldwin confesses that her relationship with Justin Bieber is not honey on flakes

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have finally broken the silence about their relationship and their hurried marriage. The couple headed the cover of Vogue and revealed secrets that nobody expected to hear.

For example, Justin said that one of the reasons they rushed to marry was that they decided not to have relationships until they married. So, as they had known each other for a long time, they decided to skip the conventions and get married.

The couple married in a courthouse in Manhattan in September last year. But now they are making plans to make a big wedding.

Hailey also made harsh confessions about marriage: “We are two young people who learn on the march. I am not going to sit here to lie and say that it is a magical fantasy. It will always be difficult. You don't get up every day saying: I am absolutely in love and you are perfect. That is not what it is to be married. ”

So, let's see if now they believe us that these two are already husband and wife.

Video: Justin Bieber Confesses Hes Questioning His Marriage To Hailey Baldwin (January 2020).