Swimsuits that will or will make you travel during Holy Week

Holy Week is on our heels and we don't all plan a trip for these mini vacations. Why not, friend? That is, they are days off, you have energy and (have money saved or borrow) is the best investment you can make; because it is an immaterial experience that you will always carry with you. If I still didn't convince you, at least check out the following swimsuits and project yourself using it at your nearest beach, spa or tourist river.

A colorful bikini is classic, but one of the trendy colors and with an original design will be the motivation of your trip. Not only for wearing it on the trip, but for the beautiful photos that will come with it on.

A bikini with support; that is, that it has bra-type cups to lift them and that the lower part serves as a girdle to reduce your waist. This bikini will encourage you to run for a bus ticket.

Strong yellow bikini (canary, honey, mustard). This year the yellow tones will take over the summer, but as Easter falls in spring, you will look cool before all ...

... you can even go looking for the most original bikini you find in stores, before fashion takes off and everyone buys the same bikini.

The paintings, as a trend, continue to procure girls. A full plaid suit will make you feel comfortable not only with your figure, but with the decision to have allowed you a vacation.

A complete animal print suit, as it is now the pattern that represents the chic and elegant, you will want to give yourself that queen vacation you deserve after so much studying / working.

A full black swimsuit Why would something so simple motivate me to go on a trip? Simple, sure you are not fit to go out to look great, but this suit does almost all the work for you.

Find the suit that last year was the most sophisticated and buy it! Not only because it will be on sale, but it will convince you 100% of going on a trip to get a gallant to show it on your yacht (okay, I planned too much).

A lace bikini but! Have a beige background. Obviously do not wear lace for a bathing suit because you will show things that you do not want, but with a background of your skin tone you will be the intrigue of the place.

A white and black mixed bikini. Mixed bikinis are those that top and panti are not the same but complement each other well. So you can also combine it with other tops and pantyhose that you have saved.

A swimsuit complete with horizontal stripes, especially if you are a little girl, because it extends your torso. With this full suit, some glasses that combine it is a yes or yes to find a gallant on your trip.

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