How to make common outfits make you stand out from the rest

Dressing like all is not as bad as they paint it, it means that you are headed for fashion and seasonal trends. However, it is essential to give a unique touch to any of your outfits because true fashion addicts give importance to always excel. If you wonder how, here are some examples of trends.

A yellow blouse with jeans is the trendiest thing today. Take advantage of the summer and use details with flowers, be it embroidery, accessories, nails or even hair.

The colorful skirts with black / white tops is pure chic minimalism. The look is so simple that the excess of jewelry (rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces and earrings) will be that detail that will make you stand out.

The trendy sets changed, they are no longer those of pictures or stripes, now they are the colorful ones. Thanks to this you can search for your favorite festival look and apply it for your casual look.

A white tennis and t-shirt look with denim shorts is basic! The trend is yellows, roses and oranges. Try to give life to your outfit with a garment of these tones; either with a jacket, bomber, blazer, etc.

Black vinyl skirts are perfect with the simplest shirts. You do not have to move much to this almost perfect look, what you can do is change the black skirt for a coral, blue or red color.

A casual and threshed midi skirt will become your best weapon for those vintage looks that you like so much. Just wear that shirt, ankle boots and belt of your normal days, that the skirt will take care of the rest.

Change your flowered mini dress with classic tones like green, yellow, red, black or white for a coral one! You can not imagine the miracles of originality can achieve the color of the year (Living Coral).

Silk garments will not wait, try a look with silk garments that nobody imagines. For example, do not wear silk blouses or dresses, change them for shorts or silk overalls.

Formal high-rise shorts will be seen everywhere, don't fall behind and get one. But watch out! Try to be more than three colors and the design of the print is different from the rest.

Checked pants are still among the trendy top of this year. It seems that it was already used with all the garments, but you can still combine squared pants with your alternative style ...

… Or your squared pants with your sportswear. The point is that, it doesn't matter to wear the same clothes as all, because you can combine styles, experiment, add accessories and make that look something only yours.

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