Bikinis to convince your boyfriend to take you to the beach

The bikini is like wearing bra and panties in the air; naturally seductive. When using it you feel confident, beautiful, fresh and even powerful. The problem is that we can't use it often! Maybe you have a friend's pool or a water park nearby, but nothing compares to the beach. I have the solution for you, tag your boy in this post so they are encouraged to go this summer on vacation ... you to look awesome and he to throw his wad.

A strapless bikini squeeze your breasts and look bigger, they will not leave you the marks of suspenders by the tan And it just looks lovely!

Imagine yourself and your boy in a rave on the beach, you dancing with your tribal bikini while he makes you second with your crazy things.

A tropical style bikini is the perfect excuse to convince him, because the tropical goes better with the beach and with an X pool.

A plaid bikini, with how much he likes those plaid pants you wear Tell him to imagine you in such a bikini!

If you love frills and florets, wear a bikini like that. If he thinks they are boyish styles, show him a frilly bikini and if he doesn't fall in love with you anymore, go to the beach without him!

A mermaid bikini is not going to leave you in doubt to take you to the beach, whatever it is! Well, he has to take you to the sea and get caught in your claws.

A red bikini is the baywatch that your boyfriend wants to see this vacation. A red bikini will be the yes or yes of that little trip you want to do.

If what they love about the beaches are their parties, a fluorescent bikini! You can even buy a suit for him that matches.

Is a long-sleeved bikini outdated? The truth is that this type of bikinis are the most used by sophisticated girls. This way you will feel a queen on the beach.

Tell your boy “Imagine it! You, me, a bikini, sand everywhere, little sun, beers, seafood ... ”and continue with the list until you can't with the temptation.

The extravagant bikini that you die to wear, will finally have purpose to convince your boy! Give him the argument that such a suit can't stay locked in the city this summer. And neither can you!

P.S. By the phrase "convince her boyfriend" I mean that she accompanies you to the beach, not that he pays for everything!

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