10 trendy hair colors for a total look change

We are officially in mid-2019, which means that the new year is no longer as new and, more likely, neither is the color of your hair. So let's shake your look with a little color, okay?

We've already seen a swarm of celebrity haircut trends (like the bob cut by Anne Hathaway and Camila Mendes); And now, a new generation of hair color trends is taking control of Instagram and, #AlertaSpoiler, they're all really good.

Then, before dragging your feet and realizing that it is already 2020, check out these 10 beautiful shades.

1. Coral

“Live Coral” is the color of the year of Pantone for 2019, so it makes sense because you see it constantly everywhere. This coral tone is much more muted than its classic megawatt color, which makes it look almost (almost) natural. Unless you are a natural blonde, you will have to bleach your hair to get this copper-coral shade, so be sure to stock up on the rinse conditioner before your appointment to mitigate the damage and prevent the color from fading.

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No better way to get ready for #spring than a rosé hue🍹 Click the link in bio for spring hair colors that are seriously #mood 🎨 @ hollie_rawanthonynader🔑

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2. Glitch Hair

If you feel 3008, this futuristic style is one that you should try as soon as possible. The appearance combines the colors of the rainbow to make it look as if your hair is changing between colors. If you are not sure you want to make a complete glitch, have your colorist try the multicolored trend at the bottom of your hair.

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Да !!!! Я это увидела !!! Я теперь знаю секрет 🌈 спасибо @kseniakisavna

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3. Lilac

This light purple tone began to gain speed at the end of 2018, and will officially be in full force for 2019 (searches for “lilac hair” have increased more than 1,000 on Pinterest). Even celebrities like Cardi B and Lady Gaga have climbed into the lilac car. If you decide to try this look, be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain your color.

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IlaLilac Love💜 love seeing all these Easter inspired colors today !! @pulpriothair lift and paint @brazilianbondbuilder 💪🏻💪🏻 @framar tools #cgannhair

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4. Brown and Gold Chestnut

The classic chestnut tones will get a subtle improvement in 2019 thanks to the framing of the face and the light brown reflections. Miranda Kerr has already joined the trend, adding dimension to her iconic brown hair with golden and elegant highlights. The best part of this color is that it is very easy to maintain, especially if you are starting with a brown base.

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Day 2 with @mirandakerr make up by @hungvanngo hair by me using all @harryjoshprotools ❤️🙏🏾

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5. Black inked

No, this is not the tone of anguish with which you dreamed during your teenage gothic phase. This intense black has to do with brightness: the brighter the better. Preserving the tone is crucial, so be sure to stock up on products that improve color (such as a moisturizing shampoo without sulfates) before you book your appointment.

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On Wednesdays we wear black. 😈 @aashbotelho salon: @medullacosquareone. #wellalife #wellahair #wellaeducation #stylistspotlight

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6. Ash Gray

If you want to dip your hair on the dark side without compromising with a black look, ash gray is an obvious choice. The darkest sections will be along your roots with a light gray towards the ends.

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7. Pastel pink

It's not often that a hair dye trend is out of fashion week, but the pastel colors that dotted Marc Jacobs's spring 2019 runway can inspire you to look bold this year. The models wore shades of blue, lavender and orange, but it was the soft candy pink cotton that possibly stole the show. Consider this bright shade the 2019 version of Rose Gold or Rosa Oro.

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8. Blond baby

If you have officially achieved platinum fatigue but are not quite ready to get rid of your characteristic tone, the White Blonde or White Blonde is your business card. The inspiration behind this tone is the natural sunlit stripes that you will find in surfers or young children. Just be sure to ask your stylist to lean toward pale blonde tones instead of pure ice.

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@chelseahaircutters why are you across the pond? We need you in our life!・ ・ ・ Powder blonde blend using a combination of balayage and tease foil technique by @pjthomsen using @lorealpro and @dysonhair #chelseahaircutters #blonde #blondehair #blondehighlights #blondebalayage #balayage #lorealpro #lorealproaus #hairstylist #modernsalha #hairstyleshon #hairstyleshlo #hairstyleshlo #hairstyles #summer #summerhair #beauty #dysonsupersonic #dysonhair #instahair #hair #blowout #blend #haircolor #hairlover @daisyfiles # ❤️

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9. Chocolate brown and copper

Following the obsession of 2018 with the intense tones, you can expect to see an increase in the more moderate copper tones in 2019. This classic chocolate brown will be enhanced with copper reflections for an equally discreet and beautiful appearance.

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Crazy for this cozy color☕️ @ alchemyxartistry🎨 Formula details👇🏽 #ColoristSpotlight 🔦 FOR THE CLIENTS: My client started out with lighter sandy blonde ends & a dark root. We touched up her root & melted her into this dimensional copper🍁, while still maintaining some of the blonde. We also chopped her into a slightly angled lob! Warm tones + lobs = happppppy Alex 🤩 ___________________________________________ FOR THE STYLISTS: TECHNIQUE / FORMULA: BASE: @davinesofficial equal parts 5.0 + 6.0 + 10v 1: 2. LOWLIGHT 1️⃣) 6.44 + 10v 1: 2. LOWLIGHT 2️⃣) 6.34 + 10vol 1: 2. I alternated by melting these tones into one another, painting just 1 lowlight to the ends, as well as melting the lowlight halfway down and leaving the blonde out. BONUS TIP 🛑 melt your color into conditioner on the ends you are leaving out to get a gradient blend without splotching on the blonde! TONE: emulsify the lowlights into blonde ends for 2mins before rinsing. #regram

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10. Strawberry-Honey

Think of this tone as the perfect midpoint between golden blond and vibrant copper. With a lot of dimension and brightness, this creamy shadow is the subtle way to stand on your tiptoes in a red subtone without compromising completely.

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A little twist + pin action for @ kat.mcnamara today ➰ #justinemarjanhair #hairtutorial in my story!

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